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Patent Information for Inventors

A patent portfolio is often THE MOST IMPORTANT asset for a high technology company. Without patent protection, there is little a company can do to protect its innovations. Patents become increasingly valuable when raising venture capital, financing or considering an IPO. In fact, one of the most frequently asked questions by investors when considering an investment is whether the company's methods or compositions are covered by U.S. Patents.

U.S. Patents are available for useful, new and nonobvious products or processes. Even improvements to current inventions or technologies may be patentable. In fact, a complex system may result in multiple U.S. Patents. A patent attorney can help identify the patentable components that make up a system or can help patent the system itself.

Patent Attorney Raymond Wagenknecht represents San Diego's life sciences and high technology industries. Although his patent preparation fees are significantly less expensive than most firms, his personalized service is what truly sets him apart from others. Raymond believes in working closely with scientists and business leaders to provide quality patent applications that provide an economic advantage for the company. Business executives and senior scientific officers will appreciate the prompt and personalized service they receive including charts and reports mapping out patent strategies and patent portfolios.

Why shouldn't Inventors prepare and file patent applications themselves?

Well, although many inventors have tremendous scientific abilities, a patent is a legal document and should be prepared by a licensed patent attorney. The legal implications of using particular terms may not be apparent to a scientist. Patent attorneys attended law school, are licensed lawyers and are educated in a field of science. This is not say that an Inventor's input is not welcome. It most certainly is! We believe Patent Attorneys should work closely with scientists to ensure the science is accurate and with the business groups to ensure corporate goals are being advanced.

There are a number of different types of patents and patent applications. Patent Attorney Raymond Wagenknecht provides representation for the following types of patent applications:

Our Scientific Practice Areas
Biotechnology Medical Device Pharmaceuticals
Microarrays DNA, cDNA, iRNA Proteins & Fragments
Compounds Instrumentation Nanotechnology
Mechanical Device Internet Business Methods

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Patent Infringement Litigation Representation

Patent Infringement occurs when an individual practices a patented invention without the approval of the patent holder. Patent infringement lawsuits are litigated in U.S. Federal Courts and are appealed to the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (in Washington, D.C.) then the Supreme Court of the United States. Patent infringement lawsuits include three (3) stages:

  • Determining the scope of the claims of a patent
  • Comparing an accused device or method to the claims &
  • Damages

San Diego Patent Attorney Raymond Wagenknecht is admitted to practice law in the Federal Court for the Southern District of California (in San Diego, California) and the Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit (in Washington, D.C.). In addition to serving as lead counsel in a patent infringement lawsuit, Raymond may be available as a consultant for a litigation team requiring additional assistance or as local counsel for attorneys requiring a presence or assistance in San Diego, California.

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San Diego Patent Attorney Raymond Wagenknecht

patent attorney Raymond Wagenknecht, Patent Attorney
Practice Areas
Technology Areas
Organic Chemistry and Pharmaceuticals
Medical Devices, Microelectronics and Microfluidics
Mechanical Devices and Business Methods
Bar Admissions
State Bar of California
United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO)

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Professional Experience

Patent Attorney Raymond Wagenknecht is the managing patent attorney at Biotech Beach Law Group. He counsels clients on all aspects of IP-related matters including preparation and prosecution of patent and trademark applications, patent, trademark and technology licensing, patent litigation, infringement analysis and due diligence investigations.

Raymond’s background includes preparation and prosecution of patent applications in the following technologies:

Life Sciences including stem cells, small molecule, organic compounds, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and medical treatments. Raymond has worked with treatments for prostate cancer, liver cancer, osteoporosis, acne, hair disorders, allergies and more. He has also worked with inventions that modulate cell signalling such as hormone receptors, cellular receptors, ion channels, immune system T-cells and B-cells.

Instrumentation & Medical Devices including microelectronics and microfluidics, biochips, blood filters, glucose detection systems, artificial limbs, surgical tools and field medicine equipment.

Chemistry including contact lens tinting and aquaculture techniques.

Raymond has also represented companies in patent infringement and trademark infringement lawsuits in federal court. Raymond is available as lead counsel or co-counsel for patent infringement lawsuits.

Scientific Publications

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"A B-Cell Superantigen That Targets B-1 Lymphocytes"
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Professional Memberships

Raymond is an active member of the Biotechnology committee of the American Bar Assn., a member of the San Diego Bar Assn., the La Jolla Bar Assn., the American Intellectual Property Law Assn. and the San Diego Chamber of Commerce.